Who Summoned What Now?

This character was created at the behest of my daughter.  Give it a like and comment so I can share with her how much people liked her idea! Name: Addu (Mr. Jelly Head) Age: Born at the Beginning of time Appearance:  Addu is a powerful red beast that stands 7 feet tall with 2 footContinue reading “Who Summoned What Now?”

Is he the Perfect Man with the Perfect Life? -Quirky Characters

Jake Radcliffe Age: 27 Appearance:  Jake has perfectly cut and shaped blonde hair (cut without fail every 2 weeks). He spends hundreds every year on making sure he has perfectly straight and gleaming white teeth and blemish free skin.  He always has a smile that seems friendly at first glance but starts feeling fake afterContinue reading “Is he the Perfect Man with the Perfect Life? -Quirky Characters”

Quirky Characters – Jason Fransico

Jason Fransico Age:65 Appearance:  Jason is balding with white hair, but is letting it go naturally.  He thinks people who dye their hair are scared of death.  He is slightly overweight, but not overly so.  He wears collared shirts and slacks every day, even when he’s staying home.  He has a slightly large nose, butContinue reading “Quirky Characters – Jason Fransico”

Quirky Characters – Penelope Severs

Penelope Severs (PenePoster21) Age: 17 Appearance:  Penelope is slightly overweight, and short, barely topping 5 feet.  She has surprisingly clear skin for her age.  Her long black hair is kept tied back at all times. She wears all black with tech jokes on her t-shirts and always has on a backpack when not sitting atContinue reading “Quirky Characters – Penelope Severs”

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