Naked and Angry – Charity Nocturna

Enora gasped and her eyes shot open.  Her body was still stiff from the Tetrodotoxin.  Her chest heaved for several minutes as her limbs woke back up.  Wherever she was, it smelled terrible. As her head cleared she realized she was naked and there was something on her chest.  Grasping with her wooden limbs, she caught and held the object in front of her eyes. It was a bag of white powder. Cocaine.

She rubbed a shaking hand over her nose and looked.  White powder. Masterson’s dogs were trying to fake a drug overdose. She also saw she was in a closed dumpster.  Her chest throbbed and she managed to look down. The knife wound in her chest was beginning to bleed, blood pulsing in time with her heart.  She needed to patch the wound as soon as possible.

She slapped her forehead trying to clear her foggy mind.  I can’t go back to the lair.  Someone told them where to find me.  There are so many people who would sell me out for a bottle of scotch.  They can’t know I’m alive.  Enora rolled over and braced her back against the cover and forced herself up.  

She was still weak from the drug and strained under the weight.  Groaning, she lifted it and hopped out, the cover crashing down behind her.  She ducked into the shadows, glancing around for anyone else and checked the street sign. Sinon road.  Home of drug dealers and thugs. Until she recovered anyone could be a threat. Plus if the police found a naked homeless woman she would end up in the cell.  In this area, it was an even chance whether she would end up raped or not.

She made some mental calculations.  Her nearest stash was Timber street, two blocks from here.  Enora sighed Why did it have to be Samantha? While it was only 15 minutes away, it was 15 minutes of being naked and weak. The area was full of people who would be more than happy to rape, kill or imprison her.  She needed clothes, fast. As silent as a ghost, she crept through the back alleys. Several times she spotted gangbangers but they didn’t see her.

She was almost to the bar when a switchblade clicked behind her, followed by a catcall.  “Must be my lucky day. I appreciate a woman who lets it all hang out,” She could feel his eyes boring into her.

Letting out a scream, she buckled her knees and dropped near a pile of trash.  As she landed she slipped a hand into the pile, questing for a weapon. “Pl..eease don’t hurt me,” she yelled, forcing a quaver in her voice.  

“I’m not going to hurt you much.  Of course, that depends on how happy you make me,”  he snapped his fingers and beckoned her over. Her mind raced.  Under normal circumstances the bastard would already be on the ground with a broken leg – or worse.  With her muscles still shaking from the drug and blood loss it wasn’t so easy.

With little choice, she prepared to try to fight her way free when her hand closed on something hard and metal.  Grinning, she swung the object, which turned out to be a piece of rusted pipe, and crashed it hard on his head. The bastard dropped like a rock, blood pouring from a large, ragged gash.  

Enora rose, spit on him and began tearing off his clothes trying to beat his inevitable awakening.  He started groaning as she was halfway done. A quick kick to the chin sent him back into darkness.  The clothes hung off her and smelled of beer and weed. They would do until she got her costume, anyway. Bending over, she grabbed the knife and headed to the street.

Enora walked to her stash, swaying, swinging and waving a knife at anyone who came close.  The drunk act kept the busybodies away until she reached her stash in a back alley. Ahead was a dumpster that covered her stash. Walking towards it she staggered as a wave of lightheadedness washed over her.  She was losing too much blood. Enora shook her head. She needed rest and food soon.

She pushed the dumpster and it slid aside, revealed a shattered pallet. She lifted the edge and it opened on hidden hinges.  Inside was a garment bag, a first aid kit, and some cleaning scrub. She grabbed everything and slipped around the corner. A “convenient” piece of cardboard blocked off a corner.  Ducking behind it, she pulled the gangbanger’s clothes off and scrubbed herself clean. Enora winced as the cleansing scrub went over her open wound.

Opening the medical kit she pulled out a needle and thread.  Gritting her teeth, she grunted as the needle pierced her skin.  It took several minutes to close the wound. Her hands were shaking as she cut the string from her suture.  She grabbed some antibiotic ointment and poured it over the wound. Her fingers struggled to hold the bandages as she wrapped them around her chest.

Enora had to sit for several moments to recover enough to dress.  First, she pulled on a pair of stockings and slipped on some lacy underwear.  Then she zipped on a tiny skirt mini skirt that left the tip of ass exposed. Next came a tank top with a winking skull and an Eda State jacket.  Last came a curly redhead wig, which she pinned into place. She then peppered her face with fake freckles using a makeup pen. Groaning, she pulled on a pair of tall stilettos and stood.

Samantha swayed out onto the street, grinning like an idiot.  Reaching her coat she pulled out a lollipop, slipping it between her lips, held in a sultry smile.  She shook her way to the bar, posing in the doorway. She swayed over to a few guys from her school.  “Hey guys,” she said her voice husky and slurred. “Who’s gonna buy me a drink and some wings?”

They tripped over each other to get the order as she slid the lollipop from her mouth through pursed lips.  In a moment three orders of wings and six shots appeared. Samantha slammed back a shot and began sucking meat from the wings.  She paused often to suck buffalo sauce from her fingers.

Samantha laughed at their bad jokes. She ignored or moaned at their “accidental” grabs at her breasts and crotch.  At 2 the bartender yelled last call. She rose, body swaying and she laughed. “Thanks for the drunks, drinks,” her voice husky and inviting.

She counted five before one guy grabbed her arm. “Why not come stay with us tonight?  I’m sure we can find something fun to do,” the drunk fratty grinned like an idiot.

God damn it!  Of course, they’re frat brothers.  Masterson will die for this.  “Sure, “ Samantha slurred  “I’m always up for some fun.  Especially when cute boys are involved,” she grinned and batted her eyes.

This is going to be a long night she thought as the boys led her to their frat house.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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