Emily’s Monster Anniversary Edition

For my 1st anniversary, I did a rewrite of my first story, Emily’s Monster.  I’ve learned a lot over the last year and wanted to see how far I’ve come.  Thank you to everyone who’s been following me,  it’s meant a lot that people push that like button on my stories.  Here’s hoping the next year is as good as the last.

I ran in the door throwing my muddy backpack to the floor with a squishy splat.  Jessica was a poophead and Breanna was a stupid head. Taking deep breaths didn’t stop the burning tears.  My papers, books, and beautiful pony backpack were ruined after they dumped them in the mud.

Every day the jerks found a way to make me cry, and I was sick of it.  A small smile crossed my face at the thought of them getting what they deserved.  I knew it would happen very soon.

“Mommy! I’m home!” the sound echoed through the house and mommy didn’t answer.  Wandering into the kitchen I saw a stuck to the fridge with a black cat magnet. I grabbed the note, knocking the kitty to the ground.  After recovering the magnet my eyes scanned the note.


A matter came up and I had to fly off to take care of it.  There’s a snack in the fridge. I should be home by 8.



Setting the note on the table, I looked in the fridge to see carrot sticks and ranch dressing.  I slammed the door, leaving the snack untouched. There were more important things to do. Mommy would have yelled about running if she saw me head to my room.  

Looking around the room I saw mommy had made the bed, the big unicorn head on my blanket stared at me.   Climbing into the chair reminded me how small I was, and why the two big girls picked on me. I wiped my eyes and looked at the clay creature I had been making.  It was the size of my barbies with legs like a goat and a he-man body. The head was a wolf, but I messed up the nose. It had a weird bend I couldn’t fix

I set to work, starting with the nose.  No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t uncrooked the nose.  Sighing, I switched to squishing the muscles to make them even bigger.  Adding more clay he looked like a muscle man.

After weeks of messing with it, the figure was good enough.  Turning it around, a small dent held a tiny blonde hair. I made another dent pushing a brown hair into the back as well.  The process made me giggle. Picking it up, I carried it to my room my mommy called the chapel and set it on the big table in the middle of the room.  

I did a little dance and sung about my creature for a while, then went to have the snack.  I was really tired. Still, I was looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow would be a good day.  

Mommy got home later than she said, but came in with pizza and a broom.  She set the pizza on the stand by the door and saw my backpack. “Those girls again? Are you sure you don’t want me to help?” her eyes were angry.  They looked like they were on fire.

“No! I wanna do it!” my voice was squeally but I didn’t care.

Mommy rolled her eyes “Fine. Let’s eat and I’ll help you clean up that muddy mess.”

“Oooooh Kaaay” I answered.  Heading to the table I was happy mommy had gotten my favorite, pepperoni, and onions.  For a while, we were quiet as we munched our food. After that mommy cleaned my stuff, making as good as new.  I wish I knew how she did it, but mommy was the best. After that, I went to bed.

I hummed as I skipped to school the next morning.  Today was gonna be a good day, I knew it. The sun was warm even though it was October and a nice breeze blew leaves around.  I paused for a moment as I reached the gate, looking around for Jessica and Breanna. I didn’t see them. Good.

As I started toward the door a hard shove sent me flying, smacking my face on the gate.  My eyes filled tears and a screamed when I realized my nose was bleeding. I turned to see Breanna laughing and Jessica smirking.  “Aww did the midget hurt herself, how sad,” Jessica said, then laughed.

Both looked confused when I started smiling.  “What is it twerp? Did a teacher see us or something?” Breanna yelled.

Someone screamed and I began to laugh.  Soon everyone was yelling, and Breanna and Jessica turned white.  I spun to see the playground clearing, running from a thing exiting the woods across the street.  As it got closer, I saw the wolf head with its crooked nose and then the big muscley body.

It ran towards me and the bullies.  The pair began to run, screaming. They were way too slow and the creature caught them.  They squirmed and cried but couldn’t get away. The monster turned them so they were staring at his face. “So you like to bully Emily?” it growled “I’ll show you what happens to girls who bully Emily.”

He dropped Breanna and pinned her under a hoof.  He spun her so her butt was in the air and spanked her.  Each smack echoed around the playground and Jessica screamed and cried.  After a few minutes, he dropped Jessica to the ground. The girl was in tears, holding her butt and kicking her feet to try and move away from my critter.

As he bent to grab Breanna she screamed super loud, but the monster didn’t care.  Like Jessica he spanked her hard, making her scream and sob. He dropped her to the ground and looked at both girls and said “be nice to Emily or I’ll come back.” He then marched back into the woods.

As soon as the monster left a teacher came out and saw Breanna and Jessica crying.  “What happened?” she asked.

“A monster!” Jessica screamed.  Breanna said so too, along with a bunch of other kids.

“Enough with the lies!” the teacher yelled. “You two come with me to the nurse’s office.”

Jessica and Breanna spent the next hour in the nurse’s office. I heard later their parents came to bring them to the doctors.  Everyone said their butts were purple.

They came back two days later, walking really weird.  Everyone called them purple butts except me. I didn’t pick on people, it was mean.

When they saw me they got super friendly, asking how I was and stuff.  We were super good friends for a long time. They would give me stuff and open doors and things.  It was great.

It was the last day before Christmas vacation when they stopped.  They ignored me when I came in, and whispered together. I missed them being super friendly but they weren’t picking on me so that was good enough.

I had worn a super nice Rudolph sweater that everyone liked.  I got lots of compliments before we went to class.

We had a great big party in class where we gave secret gifts and ate cookies.  Then we sang some winter songs. Some people didn’t believe in Christmas so we didn’t sing carols.  We were playing a game when the bell rang for lunch.

I skipped into the cafeteria, and the air smelled spicy from the chili we were having.  I loved chili! Grabbing a tray, I went in and got a bowl of chili, a piece of bread and fruit cocktail.   As I exited to go sit Breanna and Jessica stood in my way.

“I don’t know how you tricked us into thinking there was a monster.  My doctor said it was a hallu- hallunition. It’s fake,” the pair looked around. “Besides it can’t get us in here.” I tried to walk around them, but Jessica grabbed me.  I looked around but there were no teachers or cooks around.

“No one to protect you, aww too bad,” Breanna said.  She shoved my tray up, spilling hot chili and fruit all over my nice sweater.  As I started crying they began to laugh, followed by the whole cafeteria. My face felt hot, but I forced a smile.

The pair looked confused until a huge crash filled the room.  The old oak in the playground had smashed the side of the building making a huge hole.  Kids were screaming, crying and running away. Then a howl echoed through the cafeteria. Jessica and Breanna turned white.  They screamed and ran to the cafeteria doors.

My creature stepped into the room, smiling.  His crooked wolf nose made it scary. Breanna and Jessica found the cafeteria locked.  “The doors are locked, how odd” I said as the pair began to cry and hug each other.

The wolfman grabbed the pair in one big hand.  “So you like to pour food on people?” he growled “Let’s see how you like it,”  he stomped over to the kitchen and grabbed the big pot of chili from the kitchen.  It was bigger than the girls.

“No! Please!” Breanna cried.

“We’ll be nice!  I’ll buy her a new swe-” Jessica started saying but it turned to a scream when the chili began to pour over the girls.  They were lucky it wasn’t super hot. They cried and yelled for a teacher but none came.

After the pot was empty he threw it across the room.  “You only get three chances,” the monster growled. “Be mean again and I’ll take you to a place where mean girls get punished forever.”  It stuck its crooked nose right in their faces. “No one will ever see you again,” he snorted and threw them to the floor. It stomped out the hole and disappeared.

As soon as he was gone a teacher pushed the door open. “Why is this stuck?” she yelled.  Looking around she yelled “Holy Shit!”

A bunch of kids laughed and others gasped.  The teacher turned red, then began yelling orders.  “All right everyone line up. Please leave the cafeteria in single file,”  then she saw me and Breanna and Jessica.

“What in the world happened?” she asked.  

“Breanna and Jessica dumped my chili on me,” I said.

“Thank you Emily.  Do you have a clean shirt?” she asked.

“I have a clean shirt under my sweater,” I answered.

“Good.  Get a bag from the classroom to put your sweater in and I’ll meet you in there,” she said, her eyes never left the other girls.

“Yes ma’am” I said and got in line.

“What happened to you two?  You’re soaked in chili!” she said.

“It was the monster again!” they cried together.

“Enough nonsense from you.  There’s no monster,” she said.  “Do you feel burned?”

“A little” sniffled Breanna.

“All right, let’s go see the nurse,”  she led the pair away.

School got closed early because of the tree.  We all laughed when we heard the janitor swearing about the trail of chili staining the hall.  We heard after vacation they weren’t burned, just messy.

Vacation was good, but getting back to school wasn’t.

“So where’d you kiss the devil’s butt?” a boy named Jeremy asked as soon as I got in the door.  More kids asked that and held up little crosses at me that everyone seemed to have. Jessica and Breanna didn’t come near me, but I saw Jessica giving people crosses.  Her dad was a pastor so she had a lot.

School was even worse than ever after that.  Everyone called me “butt kisser”, “devil kisser” or “evil”.  Everyone had great fun holding crosses in my face and saying “go away demon!”  They all laughed whenever it happened.

It got so bad there was a school meeting about it.   Some teachers tried taking away the crosses. They had to stop when angry parents called saying they couldn’t do that cause of Jesus or something.  

I went home crying every day for a long time.  Jessica and Breanna weren’t doing it so my monster couldn’t help.  Mommy wanted to help but said she couldn’t cause the school didn’t dare to do anything. She muttered something about ‘Bible Thumpers’ I didn’t understand.

After a while the game got boring.  I ignored the crosses and avoided everyone.  Soon everyone was talking ‘bout the new monster game coming out.  It still happened a little bit, but it wasn’t so bad anymore.

On the last day of school, Breanna and Jessica stared at me when I got to school.  They scared me, so I rushed into the school, but they followed, standing across the hall from my locker.  I went to put my books away and someone shoved me hard. I fell into my locker and the door shut behind me,  I began to cry as I heard a lock click and the sound of people laughing.

I was so squished I couldn’t turn to slam on the door.  All I could do was cry and scream.

Then I heard smashing, followed by screams.  I stopped crying and listened, hearing two panicked voices, followed by crying.   The locker door ripped open and I tumbled onto the floor. I looked up to see the hallway torn to pieces, and my monster holding Breanna and Jessica.

“Don’t take us away!” screamed Breanna.

“We’ll be nice!” Jessica yelled.

The monster turned and held the two in front of me.  I stood up and smiled. The pair stared at me, eyes wide and filled with tears.

“Please Emily! We’ll never be mean again!” Jessica cried.

“Yeah, we promise,”  echoed Breanna.

“You’re right, you won’t,” I answered.  I waved to them and laughed.

They both screamed as my monster stormed away,  taking them away forever.

We went home early that day, too.

I was smiling when I got home.  Mommy saw the look on my face and smiled.  “So they couldn’t stop being mean?”

“Nope,” I answered.

“Your golem worked?” she asked.


She came over and hugged me. “I’m so proud of you.  If you keep learning this fast you’ll be more powerful than gramma in no time.”

I blushed “No one is tougher than gramma.”

“I made cookies,” she said, standing to heading to the kitchen.  She stopped and looked at me. “Are you ever going to let them go?”

“Dunno,” I answered “What kind of cookies?”

“Chocolate chip, of course!”

Jessica and Breanna were all over the news for a long time.  There were search parties and everything. I even went on one cause I thought it would be funny, but everyone was yelling and crying.  It made me feel kinda bad.

The clay figure lives on a shelf in my room.  Mommy says if I break it, Breanna and Jessica will come back.  I look at it every morning, but I haven’t broken it yet. Sometimes I hold it and think about the mean girls, then set it on my shelf.  I always remember what mommy says “Our family is important. If other people hurt us we have a right to hurt them back.”

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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