Bottleneck in Reality

Parallel worlds theory states that every choice or possibility creates two realities. One reality where something happens and the one where it doesn’t.  Most scientists in my world believe it is impossible to see the other realities. I can assure you they are wrong.

For my whole life, the possibilities have opened before like a flipbook of reality.  I can pick from myriad choices of which I am aware. While limited right now, I have used my abilities to change reality for the better.

My past few years have I’ve turned every opportunity towards universal intelligence.  I was in lab accidents, made transcendentalism work, and taken every turn to make my senses expand.  I have the ability to be aware of everything within 100 miles of my person. I can also see repercussions up to 2 days ahead.  

Unintended consequences plagued my childhood, leading to harm to other people.  In college, I caused a suicide while guiding myself to the top of my major. If I had thought about it I could have taken a more gentle course, but who can say what will happen.  That all ends now though, the next decision would make me universally aware. I will able to shape the whole world as a loving God. I intended to be a benevolent one, leading mankind to a glorious and prosperous future.

The final choice comes as I approach a crosswalk.  I peer into reality and everywhere I look the same thing appears, myself.  For the first time, I have no choice and it frightens me as I fade and appear in front of myself.

We stare at each other in confusion.  “Are you me?” I ask.

“I don’t think so,” I respond “We are different uses.”

“Does that mean I move along paths of reality and not change my own? Is that how we met here?” I ponder

Other me responds “I think one changes reality and the other follows.  Does it matter?”

We were different, after all, “It matters to me.  I want to save my reality, not follow a path that makes me happy.”

The other me snorted “All that matters is my strength.  Once I have omnipotence I will rule the world, and people will love me for it.”

“People matter more,”  I look around at the surrounding whiteness. “Do you see realities as a flipbook of possibility?”

Other me looked confused “To me, reality is a mosaic where I move towards my decided result.  Does that mean I am the one following realities and you are the one changing it?”

This matter required a lot of thought. “That may be why we are here, to figure out who walks what path.”

Other me looks intrigued. “So we figure out who does what and we slide past each other?  Interesting thought. As I see it, we just have to decide. As long as we agree then we are choosing alternatives and will slide into our true path – ruling the world.”

Horrified, I respond “rule the world?  I only wish to guide humanity, not take control.”

“You think too small.  I will be a benevolent dictator, making peace in the presence of my Godhood.  I will be kind, for the most part.” other me said his voice soft and benevolent.

“I have no desire for power!  To make humanity a slave is horrible beyond words!” I yell.

“It is the natural order.  I am as far above humanity as humanity is above a plankton.”

“I am no better than any other human.  How could you think otherwise?”

Other me shakes his head “It doesn’t matter.  All we need to do is decide who follows and who changes.  I choose follows, you seem to have a preference towards the other,” he sneered.

“So if I choose I let the greatest dictator in reality free to dominate his world. Of course, I would save another reality,” I look up. “If I don’t choose we stay here forever.”

“What? No!”  other me yelled. “There will be alternate others that do it anyway, why trap yourself?”

I stare into his eyes “No I don’t think so.  This was the only reality ahead of me, and I’m guessing it is the same for you.  We are about to become unique and could end up controlling all of reality. I have to stop it here.”

Other me pulls a knife from his belt “I will kill you and be free!” he screams.

“If I die you will be trapped forever alone.  If I am alive you may change my mind,” I smile mockingly.

Other me growls, letting his blade drop from his hand.   I sit in the emptiness and other me does as well. “For now you live.  I will kill you tomorrow.”

“There will be no tomorrow for us.  Just an eternity here. Know any games?” I ask.


Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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