Birthday Cake

Since today is my birthday my daughter told me to write about a deadly birthday cake, so I did.  
Larry’s mind wandered to the bouquet in his car, and how he longed to give the flowers to Kaylee. Her words washed over him and he heard them in a half daze. “Richard is so amazing! He’s funny and strong! It started last night but I feel like its been years, in a good way.”
Larry realized she was looking at him “He sounds great.” he said in a monotone. A forced smile was the best he could get.
Kaylee put her hands on her hips and pouted. “You’re judging him already. I can tell. You’re my best friend Larry, can you support me please?”
Best Friends. Every syllable a knife to the heart. Larry sighed and said “All I want is your happiness. If that means supporting this Richard, I will,” he let a real smile emerge. Kaylee relaxed and her natural smile emerged.
“Thank you,” she looked him in the eye “I have a big favor to ask.”
“What’s that?” he asked
“It’s Richard’s birthday today and you make the best cakes. Can you make a cake for him?”
Larry thought of protesting but knew she was going to get what she wanted. Kaylee always did. “Any particular flavor?” he asked.
“Surprise me,” she said, and bent over and kissed his cheek. He wanted to pull her in to a real kiss, but he was a coward. Instead, he waved and drove home, thinking. Kaylee had dated 20 different men since their friendship began. She always talked about how great each one was. She seemed to have no type, dating random people. Just not him.
She always teased about cute he was, and how if they’d met in a bar she’d date him. Frustration overtook him thinking about the accidental brushes of his groin and thigh. They happened far too often to be coincidence. When he made advances she pulled away with a cat like grin.
He’d had enough. If he couldn’t have Kaylee, no one would have her. He stormed into his kitchen and began baking. It took several hours to finish but at last the cake was done. This was a unique cake, and he hoped everyone had a piece. Then he could have peace.
Having made the cake, Larry gained an invite to the party. It wasn’t what he was expecting. He had thought it would be Richard’s friends. Instead, it was his family, his elderly parents, his brother, his nephews. The cake was set on a table near the pool.
When he saw the children he almost pushed the cake over into the water. Then Kaylee walked over and kissed Richard. With the same motion, she thrust her hips at him. The move flashed a lacy thong that left nothing to the imagination. He walked away from the cake and sat brooding.
After an hour of small talk, it was decided it was time to cut the cake. The usual songs were sung, and as always the kids got the first slice, followed by the adults. Guilt burned at Larry’s insides. He took an offered slice but didn’t eat any.
Everyone ate and complimented him on the wonderful cake. In his mind, Larry was counting 30 minutes. The time elapsed and one of the children dropped, foaming at the mouth. The adults screamed and ran over, except for Larry. He looked at Kaylee longingly and she looked back at him with a respect he had never seen before. Then she began foaming as one by one everyone collapsed on the deck.
He walked over to Kaylee’s quivering body. “It didn’t have to be this way. You could have accepted me or chased me away. Instead, you tormented me, telling me your most perverse acts. You rubbed against me and worked me up only to walk away. You earned this. The death of the others will torment me, but not yours,” he turned to walk away.
“Finally you grew a spine,” Richard spun to see Kaylee rise unharmed from the concrete. She walked over and gave him a passionate kiss. His senses went into overdrive and he grabbed and held her like she was his possession.
She moaned then smiled a predatory grin. “I’ve been grooming you for a long time, longer than you know. You’re finally ready for your real des..” Larry cut her off by returning her kiss with a fierce on of his own. She relaxed her form, sprouting small horns and a long spade ended tail. Shrugging she returned his groping kiss. It had taken years of needling, probing, teasing and magic to make him into this monster. What would another hour mean in the grand scheme of things?

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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