Person of Interest – Kenny Rogers

Name: Kenny Rogers
Age: 24
Appearance: Kenny is an even 5 feet. He has short cropped black hair and dark blue eyes. He was emaciated, despite eating twice what a normal person would eat. He wears bulky sweatshirts and loose fitting jeans to try and hide how scrawny he is. He walks stiffly, trying to stretch to blend in as much as possible.
Background: Kenny grew up hard but not so mean. His size and name, yes from the singer, he would snap, and it made him the butt of jokes. In high school, he was the only one who didn’t wear black clothes (the one time he did he got Man in Black jokes). He didn’t even have the comfort of being good at school and one day lording over them. In fact, he was dyslexic and had no head for numbers.
The only thing he was ever good at was poetry, which to him was making patterns with words. His works were gibberish but his teacher always said how deep they were. When he tried to write things with meaning they were bland and flat.
With poetry his only talent he left school and did what any aspiring poet did. He got a job at Starbucks and went to poetry slams hoping to get noticed. Unfortunately, he worked right beside Silverman’s gym. Silverman looked the other way on his customer’s activities and he had a lot of steroid users. They would come for their coffee and lay into Kenny about how tiny he was. “Look it’s the weight pole” was the first thing he’d hear when they entered.
After one particularly bad day, he stormed out in the middle of his shift. His manager had again refused to back him up, not wanting to lose business from the gym. Kenny, after all, was replaceable. As he walked, he saw a poster on a flagpole with a man in a lab coat and wild silver hair. “Tiny? Weak? Can’t work out or don’t want to? I have the magic solution. It costs nothing and if it doesn’t work you get $500. The number was listed underneath. Desperate and without options, he was definitely fired and rent was due, he called. A man answered and talked fast about his latest scientific treatment. He claimed it would make Kenny bigger and stronger than the strongest man on Earth. They agreed to meet tomorrow.
The man’s lab was in a 9 story building. The man hadn’t said what floor he worked on. Kenny walked in, hoping a receptionist could point him in the right direction. He was shocked to find the building was completely hollow, except for a massive cylindrical chamber on the far wall.
As he entered a man yelled “Kenny? Come in!” The man jogged over. He was even shorter than Kenny, but like the picture he had wild hair and wore a lab coat that read “puppetmaster”. Kenneth wavered at that but the man caught him in a vicelike grip in his black gloved hand.
“Puppetmaster” dragged him inside, talking without stopping to breathe. It amazed Kenny the man didn’t pass out from lack of oxygen. He talked of DNA manipulation, strength enhancement and how he would show all the fools he was right. Without warning, he shoved Kenny into some straps and began to pin him in place.
Kenny struggled but the man was stronger than he looked. “Uhh.. what about paperwork and blood tests and stuff?” he pulled on the straps and found himself stuck.
“Paperwork’s for businessmen and I’ve no need for blood tests. It’ll work or it won’t” the man responded, then skipped over to a workstation. He threw lever and pressed a bunch of buttons. The huge cylinder closed around him and smoke began to fill the area.
Kenny screamed as his body felt as if it was tearing itself apart. He felt the straps cut into his wrists then burst. The cylinder shrunk around him and he felt things tearing through his skin. He heard a blade and felt a sharp pain in his wrist for a moment. Something heavy replaced the hand, followed by the smell of burnt flesh. His scream turned in to slathering roar as his tongue grew out of his mouth like a tentacle. Something pierced his back, followed again by the burning smell.
The smoke cleared and the pod opened. Kenny gawked at a giant mirror set up opposite him. He was massive, maybe 50 feet tall. His scrawny body now was massive and muscled but alien. His skin was bright pink with stonelike green protrusions all over his body. His legs now resembled a horse’s, if the horse had no skin. His hooves were the same bright green as his spikes. His left hand was gone, replaced with a massive purple hammer. A gargantuan gun of some kind protruded from his back, the barrel situated over his head. His tongue was indeed a bright green tentacle and his head looked like a snake with a massive O mouth. He yelled “What did you do to me?” but only a roar came out.
“Wait, Wait” The strange man yelled “Let me put on my translator. He heard a printer going and the man read for a moment “I did what you asked. You are the strongest thing on the planet. You can get revenge now.”
“I’ll kill you!” Kenny screamed.
The printer went and the man responded “I can understand that. Let me explain something first, Kenny. That won’t do at all, I’ll call you Keneth instead. You see I put an override in your brain with three commands, freeze, walk and destroy. I can use that but it would be so much better if you cooperated. If you do I’ll even make you a girlfriend to rampage with,” the man cackled. Kenny – Keneth – was disgusted “Plus I’ll drop you by Silverman’s gym. Did I mention you gain power from eating people?”
He pondered for a moment. The world had given him nothing except pain. He was a freak now, but he was before too. The idea of biting the heads off those musclemen and his dickhead manager sounded like sweet revenge. He roared and “puppetmaster” laughed. “Be my guest.”
The front of the building opened and a floating platform waited for him. He stomped over, kicking a nearby car as he passed to see how far it would fly, which was about 100 yards, and climbed on. The platform brought him in front of the gym. He stepped off, let out a roar and smashed his hammer through the roof of the gym. He tried his gun and it fired a metal ball that exploded when it hit something. In this case, it hit a bodega where the owner called him Sue. He couldn’t smile now, but if he could he would be. He would show the world what the price was to mock Keneth.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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