Mega Mega Ultra Guy and The Dimensional Masters

“Power Buddies! Unite!”  Mega Mega Ultra Guy yelled in a deep majestic voice.  He hovered over the city using his molecule vision to search for the source of the mystic disease that was infecting the populace of Hugonia.  He casually flexed his mighty muscles in his shiny red suit, black cape flowing behind him. He had used his power not long ago to hurl Pluto at the Nega Solar Eater to save the world from his power.  His new vision he just gained would save the world again.


“Nuh uh Chris you can’t keep making up new powers!  We let you throw Pluto but Robotastrophe was sposed to use his mega ultra science to find the disease and Mystical Girl was gonna destroy it.”  Nate crossed his arms and stared at Chris. The smaller boy was scrawny and if it came to a fight he would get pummelled, but his parents were super rich and had pool parties and stuff for his friends,

“I CAN cause I am an 18th dimensional being only trapped in this dimension by Muto the Unholy,”  that happened about 6 months ago before Tommy left for private school. He was the only one who ever stood up to Chris.

“Fine. you get molecule vision,”  Nate threw up his hands and muttered “poophead”

“Me too! Me too! Cause I’m his super sister I get all his powers too” little Amy yelled.  They more or less ignored the little girl but she insisted on playing anyway.

“Yeah, Yeah.  Now Robotastrophe is gonna use his superscience….

Our First Reality

Robotastrophe’s eyes displayed a nearly unreadable series of 0s and ones and his hand began whirring.  It changed into a hose and he stated “With this I can sterilize the air of any mystic bacteria while Mystical Girl strikes down the Diseasor with her mystic blasts,” his voice was a monotone with a southern drawl.

Mystical Girl used her wristlet of teleportation when she sensed the location of Diseasor from his mind.  She raised her hand and mystic bubbles appeared, washing the evil disease away. Now she tried to enter his mind to find the true mastermind..

Elsewhere again

The conference room filled with the unwashed and exhausted writers, artists and inkers.  They had been working nonstop for the two months of madness event where every comic had a full comic a week for two months.  They had just finished the last release and had been promised two days vacation, but first they had to endure one last meeting.

The Head Editor, called the savior of Megafun Comics, Donny Michaelson, walked in wearing a suit coat with a Mystical Girl T-Shirt, the favorite of his creations.  His face talked of anything but fun. He stood like Mega Mega Ultra Guy himself, hands on hips, but his face was a scowl. He stared down everyone in the room before saying anything.

“What the hell are you people thinking!” he screamed, slamming a fist on the podium. “Don’t you know we’re getting slaughtered in sales by Trinium!” he glared at everyone again “Trinium is making characters that people relate to.  They don’t have perfect relationships where they can turn their girlfriend into candy and get a school full of kids to chase her then make it better by end of the issue. Mega Mega Ultra Guy just threw goddamn PLUTO at a cosmic entity. When he started he could barely lift a double-decker bus.”

Donny collapsed into a chair “You even made Mystical Girl use fucking bubbles last issue,” he looked at Pete Hammond “I almost fired you for writing that.  How do we fix this?”

“A twentieth dimension cosmic ray could weaken him again.  We did that back in the 70s.” Tom suggested.

“No.  He figured out how to stop that 3 issues later, and that leaves all the other characters out of whack,” Donny slammed a fist into his palm “we need a galactic rewrite, and only one character has that kind of power.  We’ll make a huge crossover event, kill off some fluff characters and use reality warping to bring some sanity back into this madhouse!”

Back with our heroes

Mega Mega Ultra Guy screams and collapses to the ground in the middle of the Power Buddies Super Cave.  Robotastrophe and Mystical Girl rush over and both scan him. The results are horrifying.

“What’s.. Happening.. To.. Me..” he gasped.  From his body, a new being steps forth in a shiny black suit with a crimson cape.

“I am Nega Nega Ultra Guy!” the creature shouted “I have taken the strength and power of Ultra Ultra Guy. Now, none can oppose my master!’

Back at the Playground

“You can’t do that!” squealed Chris.

“I’m Muto the Unholy, I can do whatever I want because I am a master of 20 dimensions,” Tommy said from the gate.  No one knew he was coming. Nate grinned.

“We know your weakness, member?  We can stop you afore you do anything,” Chris whined

“Not unless you defeat Nega Nega Ultra Guy first.  You can only do that by getting rid of all the moronic powers you guys took when I was gone.  The whole game’s gone dumb,” he looked at Amy and said “Muto the Unholy appears and blasts Mega Mega Ultra Girl with a reality ray that makes her not an 18th dimensional being anymore and she dies,” Tommy rolled his eyes “think of something original dummy.”

Amy whined and cried for half an hour trying to make him take it back.  When it didn’t work she said “Fine. Next time we play Mega Mega Ultra Girl’s body will be taken over by a devil monster that makes her covered in black flames that burn anyone and I have a demon horse and an evil smashing mallet,” she turned and stormed away.

Tommy turned to Chris “Whatcha gonna do now.  He is just as tough as you and even if you get instant kill powers he will have them too,” he grinned “there’s only one way to win.”

Back in Power Buddies Super Cave

Nega and Mega began beating each other mercilessly.  The fired sparkle beams, slammed each other at hyper speeds through the city, crushing buildings and maiming and killing passersby.  Muto followed and laughed.

Finally, the pair locked hands, each trying to overpower the other.  Robotastrophe and Mystic Girl arrived and attacked, only to be blown away by his thunderclap aura.  The power the ultra beings were exerting caused the nearby buildings to bow inward, shooting glass shards everywhere.


Nega Nega Ultra Guy grinned “You’re doing my job for me. If we keep this up the whole city will collapse,” he shoved harder and a nearby school started to topple.

“There’s only one choice.  Friends, I’m sorry it came to this.  Know if I had another choice I would,” he smiled and then screamed.  Power tore from Mega Mega Ultra Guy, Robotastrophe and Mystic Girl. It formed a ball of white plasma that engulfed Nega Nega Ultra Guy.  With a burst of mystic swirls, he vanished.

“Now for you!” Mega Mega Ultra guy bellowed.

Back with the Writers

“So after they lose their extra power Muto tells the team he’s gathered all their villains to do battle with them.  Ultra Guy is thinner due to power loss and has Robotastrophe 3D print him some bitchin combat armor with spikes and shit to compensate – we keep the color combo though, and here’s the best part, “ Pete paused for a moment “because of the loss of his 5 dimensional levels of power he decides to change his name 13th Dimensional Revenger! The torment of losing much of his being turns him brooding and angsty.  The kids will eat it up.”

Donny looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “They better or your ass is fired.”

“We have a backup just in case.  The plasma ball didn’t fade it slid to a higher dimension and if fans aren’t happy then BAM the power merges with him and he’s back to normal.”

Donny sighed “I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you kids, but you don’t know comics for shit.  This the last chance for you and I mean it,” spinning on his heel he stormed back to his office.


“13th Dimensional Revenger? That’s super lame,” Tommy said, “it’s super goth.”

“Nope, it’s kick ass. Now that I don’t have my telescope eyes, how are we gonna find the bad guys?” Chris asked.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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