Person of Interest – Darnall Adams

Name: Darnall Adams

Age: 19

Appearance:  Darnall is about 5’10” with green eyes and jet black hair.  He is neither handsome nor ugly, his face being almost forgettable.  He is in excellent shape, not cut but undefined and powerful. Usually, this is hidden beneath the long black trenchcoat he always wears.  An unusual symbol of a scorpion holding a scale is embroidered on the back. Under it, he wears a simple, clean suit. The suit is naturally black with a white shirt with no collar.  He also always wears a necklace with a symbol on it every day. The symbol varies with his mood, from crucifixes to Buddha and everything between. He moves like an animal, constantly looking for something, and his mouth is a slight frown most of the time.

Background:  Darnall was born in Boston, Ma during a freak hurricane, that coincided with an earthquake, weak by California standards but strong for the east coast.  He was born as the clock ticked between Scorpio and Libra. It was so close doctors couldn’t decide which day it was. Therefore he alternated between the days for birthdays most of his life.  Additionally, it was a blue moon and at his first scream there was a power surge and the lights blew out in the hospital room.

Darnall grew up believing the unusual events of his birth meant he was destined for greatness.  He read voraciously about the aliens, the occult, religions and more to be prepared for when things started to happen to him.  

He was smart, but not overly so.  He did all right in school, but nothing great.  He could have passed without much effort if he cared, but he didn’t think he would need school for his great destiny.  He built up a group of friends who seemed ordinary. Secretly he was waiting for the day he could make them be in awe of his greatness.

When he was 13 he got a call from his friend Annabelle.  She sounded panicked and was stuttering into the phone. Darnall calmed her and she asked if she could come over.  He agreed, despite it being 2:00 in the morning.

He met her out front and her story came out with a stutter.  Her mother’s new boyfriend had woken her and her mother and dragged them to the basement where he had created a great circle with all sorts of strange symbols around it.  He had tied her hands and thrown her in the middle. He began to chant and shout, then raped her mother and slit her throat.

A red smoke poured in all around Annabelle and a pair of eyes appeared before the smoke flowed into her mouth and eyes. She collapsed into unconsciousness, waking to find the man drawing symbols on her chest with blood.  As the third symbol was drawn a voice echoed in her head, whispering dark secrets. Just as he was about to draw a final symbol a man kicked in the door, surrounded by a holy light.

Chanting, he caused the boyfriend to curl and scream.  The boyfriend rose to attack the priest, for that was what he was,  and the priest shot him. The priest came to her and said the demon was locked within her but was not given her flesh because the spell was not finished.  He would bring her to a place where she could be purified, but as he took her hand he was consumed by flames. Since then she had learned she could shoot fire and other dark secrets, but she was going to run away and find someone who could lift the curse.  She felt like she had to tell someone and he seemed to know all about this stuff and would understand.

Crestfallen, Darnall gave her directions to a nunnery hidden away in the mountains where the women were so pure they held great spiritual power.  She thanked him and ran off into the night.

A few days later he cheered up.  Surely the next thing to happen would be to him.  A few years went by and he got an emergency call from his friend Sam.  He had something he was desperate to tell someone.

Darnall rushed over and was shocked at what he saw.  It was definitely Sam, but the skinny boy was gone. In its place was a body that would put Mr. Olympia to shame.  He floated an inch above the ground and his eyes glowed with barely contained power. He explained that he was stung by a scorpion while being splashed by toxic chemicals from an out of control tanker truck blinded by a freak cosmic storm as an alien necklace came to rest about his neck.

He had decided he would go to the city and defend people but felt he had to tell someone first, so if something happened he could tell his family.  Crestfallen again, Darnall agreed to keep silent as his friend floated out the window and suddenly flew out of sight with a house shaking thoom.


The next year Darnall had been experimenting with mind reading.  During his classes, he would try to pick up stray thoughts. One day he heard some.  He was ecstatic until the voice said “Darnall I have to tell you something. “ the voice was of his friend Chip.  

Chip explained that just yesterday he began to hear thoughts and had just figured out how to send them.  He, of course, used them to spy on girls he liked and such, but then a strange voice had come to him, saying the others were after him.  He scoffed at first but had a few minutes ago saw two things that might have passed as human superficially, but he could tell they weren’t.

He was going to leave and find the source of the voice who called to him and warned him but had to tell someone what happened.  He knew Darnall was disappointed it was not him, but Chip assured him with his odd birth something would come to him in time.

Now 3 of his friends had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and he was question hard by the police.  He had promised not to reveal their secrets, and wouldn’t be believed even if he did. Ultimately, there was nothing proving he was connected to the disappearances so he was let go.

Then his friend Amber called.  She explained that she had been picked up by a beam of light and carried into a strange ship.  Surrounded by strange grey creatures, she was poked, prodded and had probes shoved everywhere they would fit.  Then a perfectly handsome man, literally, came to her. He was the exact image of her dream man, and he came and kissed her and more, but she was a bit embarrassed about that part.

She had intended to tell no one, but some strange black cars had been parking by her house every day.  Some men came looking for her when she was out earlier. Normally she would have been home, but she was buying a pregnancy kit.  She found out she was. She didn’t know what to do, so Darnall told her of a group in Minnesota sho claimed to be made up of abductees who would protect her.

She thanked him and hung up quickly.  She never showed up to school again, and he was again questioned, more thoroughly this time, since he was the last person she called.  He feigned ignorance, and again they could prove nothing and no charges were filed.

For the rest of high school, he studied hard.  He knew with his knowledge he could get into the secret Air Force supernatural initiative.  You could only apply if you learned of its existence in the first place and passed their test.  He told his friend Tyrell about it and they trained together.

When high school was over they both applied and everyone was impressed with his knowledge.  He felt sure his time had finally come when he was contacted by courier. He was not to be an agent because there were too many disappearances and mysteries surrounding him.  They did offer him a position where he would read about and file different unexplained phenomena, applying his knowledge to it. So he was made a secretary.

Tyrell called him excited later, telling him he had been accepted to agent training.  He knew Darnall had not so he said he couldn’t reveal any details, but anything he investigated would probably pass over Darnall’s desk.

Today is Darnall’s first day as a secretary, where he would process and store all the secrets of the people who had things happen to them, reading about the kind of thing he had dreamed about his whole life.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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