Who Summoned What Now?

This character was created at the behest of my daughter.  Give it a like and comment so I can share with her how much people liked her idea!

Name: Addu (Mr. Jelly Head)

Age: Born at the Beginning of time

Appearance:  Addu is a powerful red beast that stands 7 feet tall with 2 foot horns and a mouthful of jagged yellow teeth.  His body is pure muscle. At the moment he is a ¾ inch tall Purple jelly bean.  The girl who summoned him helpfully drew eyes and a mouth on it.  Addu moves by floating in a ball of black flame.

Background:  Addu had waited centuries to be summoned, the book with the spell had been lost.  Then he felt the pull to the mortal world. He followed it and found himself in a pink and purple room with unicorns wall decor.  The girl was a young human named Tiffany. Her blonde hair was put up in braids and she was chanting his spell.

Addu listened, waiting for the mispronunciation that would break the binding,  but she finished the spell perfectly. He then tested the circle. It was drawn perfectly too in blood.  He stood his full height and roared, trying to scare the girl into making a mistake. “Free me or I shall make your life a living hell!” he shouted.

Tiffany shrieked and ducked behind her bed.  Addu paced his prison. Finally, Tiffany came back, eyes wet and lips quivering.  She was hugging herself but managed to squeak out “No I caught you so you have to listen to me.”  her voice became stronger “I want you to be my friend for my life.”

“And you offer up your immortal soul for this?”  a child, obviously a virgin, witch would bring him great prestige among the other demons.

“Yep.  I’m not using it.” Tiffany said.

“The deal has been sealed.  I now need a corporeal form to manifest in the mortal world.”

“wha?”  Tiffany replied

“I need something to live in or I will fall back to hell.”  he growled

“Oh.”  Tiffany looked around the room and came back with something clasped in her hand.

“I picked something small so I can keep you in my pocket,” she then showed the demon a jelly bean.

“Can’t it be something else?” he groaned

“Nope” Tiffany responded.

“Fine.  Place it in the circle.”  He secretly tensed. If she passed her hand into the circle he could possess her.  He groaned when she flicked the bean into the circle. With a cloud of brimstone and a roar his body was sucked into the bean, trapped until her death or she released him.  

“Can you clean the floor?” she asked “I caught a Mr. Kitty for the circle but mommy would be mad at this mess.

Addu sighed and used his eldritch powers to suck the blood away.

“Thank you Mr. Jelly Head!” she said

“My named is Addu, caller of storms..”

“No.  You are Mr. Jelly Head.”

So Mr. Jellyhead has spent the last month doing tea parties, fixing homework, cleaning, playing cards(she made sure to say no cheating every time).  She hadn’t ordered him to not do other things so he summoned an ever growing storm that would cover the continent in 6 months and the world in a year.  Oddly, he had begun to enjoy the games.

Then came Easter and Addu found himself in a huge pile of jelly beans.  He wasn’t quite sure what to do. If he became lost then he would remain a jelly bean until her death but have free reign to wreak havoc with his magic., The deal, however, was to be her friend always.  He could just not hide and let whatever happens happens, but he would miss the tea parties….

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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