Is he the Perfect Man with the Perfect Life? -Quirky Characters

Jake Radcliffe

Age: 27

Appearance:  Jake has perfectly cut and shaped blonde hair (cut without fail every 2 weeks). He spends hundreds every year on making sure he has perfectly straight and gleaming white teeth and blemish free skin.  He always has a smile that seems friendly at first glance but starts feeling fake after the first 5 minutes. He wears polo shirts and slacks that are perfectly pleated (he dry cleans all his clothes, ironing is beneath him).  When working he carries an expensive leather briefcase.

Background:  Jake has always been the center of attention.  He was the only child of a wealthy family.  While his parents were aloof, he had a doting nanny that made sure he got anything he wanted.  He went to the best schools and quickly learned how to manipulate the people around him, becoming popular without even trying.  A middling student, he passed his classes by charming his teachers and talking his way around late work.  When that failed, showing some attention to a less popular but smarter student would get the work done.

He went to his father’s alma mater by virtue of a large donation rather than any skill on his part.  He took business and found his calling.  While economics eluded him, manipulating people came so naturally that he quickly excelled in management.

After college, his father paid to help him start a real estate business and his fraternity brothers gave him connections.  He was quickly selling multi-million dollar properties, and effortlessly skimming off the top by lowering his employee’s commissions and inflating advertising costs in his books.  He gave a cut to his accountant to keep it covered.  He had a huge house and a flavor of the month model girlfriend.  He felt like the most important person in the world.

Then one day he sat on the veranda of a high class coffee shop, smooth talking a couple into buying a property he knew they would end up being foreclosed on, but they had the upfront and that’s all he needed.  He was stopped mid-sentence when the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walked by.  She had straight black hair and wore a tube top and skinny jeans with 6-inch heels.

He excused himself for a moment and played his usual lines.  She seemed bored but took his card anyway.  A few days later she called and they met at an upscale bar, where he tried to ply her with drinks but she just sipped on a gin and tonic.  He said all the right things, asked the right question and bragged without coming on too strong.

Finally, the girl sighed and said “You are perhaps one of the slimiest and vile men I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.  I have no idea what they see in you.”  She slapped him hard, and he thought he felt a prick but ignored it, being more annoyed at watching her shapely form move away without ever being in his bed.  

He finished his drink and stepped outside.  He suddenly felt woozy, and the girl walked up and slipped a shoulder under him.  Jason then blacked out.

He awoke lying painfully on a cement floor in a pitch black room.  As he stood a light suddenly came on.

Where is he?  Who is the girl and why do they want him?  Any ideas?  share them below or link to a story if you are inspired.  I would even love to see a drawing if you are an artist.  

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

5 thoughts on “Is he the Perfect Man with the Perfect Life? -Quirky Characters

  1. Hmmmm, he’s hoping it’s ransom or they just want a kidney, but it turns out to be his friends to torturing him to gain partnership in the business for money without extra work. The twist is his father set the whole thing up to earn back all the money he spent getting his son all of this success.

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