Quirky Characters – Jason Fransico

Jason Fransico


Appearance:  Jason is balding with white hair, but is letting it go naturally.  He thinks people who dye their hair are scared of death.  He is slightly overweight, but not overly so.  He wears collared shirts and slacks every day, even when he’s staying home.  He has a slightly large nose, but apart from that, he is almost completely generic looking.

Background:  Jason has led a completely simple and bland life.  He grew up with a mother cooking and cleaning at home, and a father who worked 9-5 but still managed to make his little league games.  He had several friends, not too many but he was rarely alone.  He did all right in school, not the top of his class, but never doing poorly enough to cause trouble.

He enjoyed baseball and football, and while he never excelled he played regularly.  He took up the trumpet and enjoyed it through middle school but decided not to pursue it in high school.  In high school, he had an awkward phase but it was short.  He was never popular but he still dated several girls, one whom he eventually married, Sarah.  She was no-nonsense and dreamed of owning a small store.

To earn some extra money he worked after school at a soda shop, and enjoyed it, as he got to joke with his friends and Sarah would come and flirt with him.  After high school, he went and worked at the local factory on the floor, but was soon promoted to an office worker, then middle management.  He was even tempered and friendly, and all the people under him loved him.

Sarah worked at the soda shop after he left, and when it shut down the pair took out a loan and converted it into a mini-mart gas station.  When Sarah had her first son, her sister moved in and immediately became their nanny.  By the time of her second child, the mini-mart was successful enough that Sarah didn’t have to be there all the time, and spent her time bussing the kids to sports games and music practice.  Jason made as many games as he could and watched every concert, no matter how painful at first.

His kids grew and went to college, one studying business and the other accounting.  They moved to the city nearby.  Jason continued to work and Sarah became too tired to continue the mini-mart and sold it for a decent amount of money.  As Jason’s retirement approached the pair put their money into a condo in Florida.   A week after his retirement they left.

It’s been a couple of months since then and Jason has begun to feel restless for the first time in his life.  He takes long walks and doesn’t sleep at night.  He started having headaches, which his doctor decided were migraines after an MRI and gave him a prescription for painkillers.

Today, he received a strange letter.  It had no return address and his name was written in perfect calligraphy.  He opened the letter and all it said was ‘It’s time to wake up.’  he felt lightheaded and collapsed.  He woke up in his bed and everything was different.

So what’s different?  Who sent the letter?  Share your ideas or even write a story to share about him.  If you feel so inclined make a drawing.  I would love to see your ideas!

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

5 thoughts on “Quirky Characters – Jason Fransico

  1. Gosh… I think the letter was from himself to come back to the reality that, although he’s currently working through those stages in life, they’re things he has to do in order to stay under the radar a la prolific serial killer. Being horrified by these thoughts, he has to figure which is his true self. Neither of which offers relief because he’s either a killer or very graphically dreams of becoming one… maybe I should be as disturbed with myself as Jason is…


    1. That’s an interesting place to go. Trying to fight the urge to kill, while secretly relishing the idea. Not to mention when and how he forgot this information. Could his wife have something to do with it? There a lot of directions that could go. Nice idea!

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  2. Reblogged this on Reading Minds and commented:
    Richard does this weekly (I think), and I absolutely love reading about the character he creates and then getting the chance to decide their fate. I’ll be honest, friends, I took this one to a dark place. I blame Chauncey Rogers’ Home to Roost still be stuck in my head. You should check out Rirchard’s post and his site. Enjoy!

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