Amy Duatine

Age: 26(time of death) 5 years have passed since then

Appearance:  Following Hippocrates’ belief “If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”  she was extremely fit and thin.  She kept her hair long, but carefully tied up.  She wore loose fitting clothing that covered her form, so as not to distract library patrons.  Her hair was blonde at the roots but black otherwise.  

Beliefs:  Raised Catholic, she secretly experimented with Greek religion from her studies and dreamed that she could be a Pythia if she lived in ancient times.  She never told anything about this to her relatives or friends.

Personality:  A shy introvert, she tended to look at her hands when spoken to.  When talking about library matters and Greek studies she would become more animated.  Online she was often aggressive about women’s rights and religious freedom, especially for alternate religions.  She was careful never to harm anyone and allowed people their own beliefs.

After death she is confused, knowing she needs to torment her killer at the same time being too nice to do so.

Background:  Amy was raised by her grandmother, her mother having suffered a head injury in a car accident that left her with the mentality of a 5 year old.  Her father was in her life, but couldn’t bear being around his ex-wife seeing how she was now compared to the fiery woman she was before.

Amy’s grandmother sent her to Catholic school to learn to be a proper lady.  She became shy and withdrawn.  Highly intelligent, she easily completed all her schoolwork and would spend her extra time combing through the library.  One day she found the book Bullfinch’s Greek Mythology.  She devoured it in a week and started combing the library for everything on the Greeks, studying Plato and Hippocrates.

In high school, she was forced to go to public school and it was a shock.  After a week of dressing in her old catholic dresses and being mocked she finally convinced her grandmother to get her some normal teenage clothes.  The mocking stopped, as Amy’s following of ancient Greek health beliefs left her with a nearly perfect body.  Boys fell all over her, but her Catholic upbringing and secret desire to be a Pythia, an impossible dream, she turned them all down.  Rumors swirled she was a lesbian, and the teasing started again but she didn’t care.

Graduating Valedictorian, she got a full scholarship and majored in Library Studies with a minor in Greek studies.   Easily completing her schoolwork, she decided she would worship as much like a Greek as she could.   She would burn tallow candles as an offering to the gods and found statues to represent different gods, especially Apollo and his twin Artemis.  She also experimented with marijuana and acid, writing her experiences down, hoping the drugs would give her the gift of prophecy.

After college, she moved to a small town and took a job as the head librarian.  She used her position to build a massive greek selection.  She also began to save her money to fund a trip to Greece.  Finally after 5 years of saving she finally bought a ticket and was on her way to the airport when a scrawny homeless man yanked open her car door and attempted to carjack her.  She had taken self defense courses and was extremely fit and fought him back until he pulled a gun and shot her.  As he shoved her out of the car and she lay bleeding out anger overcame her.  She was finally going to go to Greece and it was stolen from her.  She seethed, wishing she could punish him.  She died and woke up in a drug den.  The man lay nearby with a needle sticking out of his arm, unconscious.

Realizing she died as an angry spirit she knew she had to torment him for her vengeance but was too kind to do so.  She even saved his life several times, knowing she had to cause his death or she would wander the Earth as a restless spirit forever.

As bad as she was at terrorizing, her natural intelligence helped her master the ghostly abilities she had.  She could move objects, claw at bodies, manifest in various form, from kind to horrific.  She could possess people easily and make horrible screams and eerie voices.

Still, she was conflicted between her kind upbringing and her need to punish him.

Now it’s up to you.  Come up with a story for Amy, or create a drawing of her in life or death.  Share what you come up with here.  I’m interested to see where people take this.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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