A Discrete Summoning

This is the first story about Mistress Bitten I have released.  I have more stories with her planned, and a novella length piece I am working on around my NaNoWriMo story.  It includes adult themes, violence and blood.  If you are squeamish about such things I suggest trying A Noble Quest or Fleeing.  Enjoy and please comment if you can,  I love the feedback!

I crept through the house like a burglar.  It was beneath me, but I had agreed anyway.  The well appointed hallway had paintings upon paintings covering the walls.  Lord Dunham was one of the finest patrons of the arts in Ornby.  It hardly mattered now, as I suspected he had done something extremely foolish.

My thoughts drifted back to what brought me here.  Lady Dunham suspected her husband of cheating. I had several reasons for not wanting the case.  First off, she looked down on me, as if I were some sort of peasant.  I may not be a Lady but I was wealthier than she was.  She didn’t disguise her disgust at my short hair, and simple crimson dress.  I avoided modern fashion whenever possible, as it is uncomfortable and confining. Adultery cases were beneath me, I dealt with more dangerous things.

If I hadn’t noticed the chalk marks in his study I would have left.  They obviously meant he had tried to summon something.  That definitely interested me.  Demonology was my specialty.  I charged her double my normal fee.

I brought myself back to the present.  I could hear two voices in the room ahead of me, both obviously enjoying themselves immensely.  I prided myself on being discrete, and could not be caught snooping around the Lord’s house at night.  Instead, I opened my locket.  Unlike a normal locket it didn’t hold a photo of a loved one, instead, there was a silver pentagram surrounded by tiny symbols.  I pulled a pin from my pocket and stabbed a finger, and wiped the blood on the symbol.  A few infernal words later and Malacai appeared.

He was the size of a matchbox but had all the demon features; red skin, long black horns, goat legs and a look of pure malice on his face. He mockingly bowed. So why do you risk your soul today?  As much as you call me you must want to spend eternity with me.  The voice echoed in my head.

I normally would remind him he was the least of things with a claim to my soul but I was in a hurry. Look in the bedroom ahead and tell me who you see. I thought firmly.

I thought peering into people’s bedchambers was beneath you. He grinned

Just go I responded.  I had no time for his banter tonight.

He seemed annoyed but I had control of him so he did as bid.  He floated away from my locket and into the room.  I waited, expecting him to take his time, as carnal lusts fed him like nothing else.  Instead, he came rapidly back to me.  You have to see this for yourself he seemed nervous, something I didn’t expect in the little imp.

Frowning, I crept forward to the room and peered inside.  It was garish with gold inlay, nude paintings, and statues of Pan.  The bed itself was mahogany with down mattresses.  I noted but ignored these things.  I even ignored Lord Dunham, although he was assuredly cheating.  His eyes were glazed over.  The reason why was the creature astride him.  It appeared to be human, with impossible beauty and build meant to drive men wild.  The only thing that set her apart was the curled horns on the sides of her head.  Even with her back to me, I felt the lust the creature pulled out of anything that laid sight of her.

I made a few arcane movements of my hands and the feeling left me.  I had to be clear if I was to stop such a powerful creature, especially when it was well fed.  Since it hadn’t yet noticed me, I pulled out some chalk and drew a circle with two interlocking triangles in the middle.  I wrote a few lines in the language of demons and it glowed orange.

“You, putrid beast, how dare something as profane as you soil this house.”  I said this to draw her out, in fact, I would give a lot to know how to summon such a creature.  It could prove useful.

She spun about and saw me in the doorway.  She shrieked and brought her power to bear on me.  Lust filled me completely and I had the urge to rip my clothes away and let the beast have me.  I had been trained to resist such temptations by my late husband.  Reluctantly I ran from the room, and the feelings left me as soon as I was out of her sight.  

Like all succubi she didn’t walk, she glided gracefully.  I didn’t know if she was trying to follow me until I heard the cracking of my circle closing.  She slammed on my will, and my head began to ache.  That would not hold long.  I needed a large space to do my work.

Running as quickly as I could I came to the foyer.  One wall had hooks holding the coats of all who visited.  I threw them all to the floor and looked at the blank space.  I pulled a knife from my belt, grimaced and cut a slit in the palm of my hand.   Ignoring the pain of the fighting creature above I began to draw an intricate shape of circles, demonic writing and geometric shapes with my own blood. To finish the spell I would need to drop the circle that held the creature.

I released the spell and I heard a roar of triumph.  Even that was almost sensual.  I shook my head and began to chant Infernal words, and waved my hands in graceful curves.  I held off on the last word and ran around the corner, waiting.

I didn’t have long to wait as she glided into the room.  I held off as long as I dared, letting her get closer to my circle.  “No!” I heard her scream in a voice hanging deeply with desire.

It had found my trap.  There was no time left to waste.  I shouted the final word and the wall exploded outwards, ripping her corporeal form to shreds.  I looked around the corner and saw it had not been banished in fact it was healing rapidly.  It had fed too well to be so easily stopped.

I pulled Malacai’s summoning charm from my neck and held it forth, chanting quickly.  This had to work or she would overcome my resistance and suck me dry, as she had Lord Denning.  Hellfire burst from the small charm, engulfing the creature.   Had it not already been weakened this would never have worked.  It took my remaining will to hold the gate open.  Her shape could only be seen as a dark blur.  After several minutes the blur shrank smaller and smaller until a sharp release of mental energy blasted through the room, destroying my concentration.  I fell to my knees panting.

I forgot I had not dismissed Malacai until I felt him press upon my will.  He was trying to possess me while I was weakened.  Even what little energy I still held was more than a match for the pitiful creature and he popped out of existence.

I know not how long I stay there like that, surrounded by shards of plaster in the room with the smell of sulfur filling the air.  When I came to myself I noticed I had burned a hole through a very expensive persian rug.  That idiot deserved anything he got.  I stood on wobbly knees and stormed back to the bedroom, where the Lord still lay still in his bed, his manhood exposed and at attention. I walked over and slapped him hard across the face.  

He regained awareness quickly and stared at me hard.  Realizing his condition he covered himself and said “Who the hell-” I cut him off with my dagger.

“I am the mistress Bitten.  I was hired by your wife to get to the bottom of certain issues.  I agreed, but only because I saw the remains of your circle.  Where did a nobody like you get a spell to summon a creature like that?”

“Nobody.  I’ll have you know-” another prod with the knife didn’t keep him quiet “I am Lord Dunham.  I own this town.”

“You are a nobody playing pretend.  Let me show you some real power. Get up.” he crossed his arms, so I struck a blow across his cheek with my dagger, leaving a small cut.  His eyes widened in shock and he rose, trying to wrap himself in his sheet. “Drop the sheet.” I didn’t actually care but I wanted to embarrass him, as some payback for all the trouble he caused me.

He complied and I led him down the hall.  When he saw his foyer he paled. “How did this happen?”

“I happened.  This is what it took to clean your mess.  Do you know you were minutes from death when I found you?”

“You will pay for this-”

I cut him off. “I will pay for nothing.  I not only saved your life but I will tell your wife you were faithful.  That creature wasn’t a human so it’s technically true. “  I walked up to him, inches from his face “If you cross me, well you see what I’m capable of.  I ask only one more thing of you.”

“What more could a creature like you want from me?” he asked, his voice a deep growl. Let him be angry,  he couldn’t touch me.

“I want the book where you learned that summoning”  I grinned, evilly.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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