Emily’s Monster

I ran into the house, tears filling my eyes, with sobs shaking my chest.  Breanna and Jessica were the meanest girls on the planet.  I remembered how they had made me cry today.  They had grabbed my pink pony backpack, opened it and dumped everything out.  I had to crawl around in the dirt, picking up my stuff while they kept kicking and stomping my things.  When they finally got tired of their mean game, they shoved me down, laughing.  

They made me cry everyday.  I wished I could get back at them but they were bigger and meaner than me. My eyes burned from crying.  I yelled to mommy, but there was no answer.  I walked to the kitchen and found a note stuck to the fridge. Wiping my eyes I read  “Had to fly off for a meeting.  See you later.  If you get hungry there are snacks in the fridge.”  She had drawn a big smiley face on it.

My tummy felt icky and I didn’t get a snack.  Instead I decided to work on my clay model.  Climbing up the stairs,  My tummy felt a little better when I got to my room and saw the statue standing there.  He was made of green modelling clay, with what I thought were big muscles and a wolf-like face.  His legs were just stumps of clay but I didn’t care about those.  I sat down and began by smoothing a rough spot on his nose.

I continued pulling off bumps, squishing and rubbing bad parts for a long time. I accidentally stretched his nose too long,  so he looked more like an alligator.  That kinda bothered me,  but it would mean starting over again to fix it and I didn’t want to do that.

Finally he was done.  I picked him up and carefully hugged it, so he didn’t get squished. I whispered to him “I bet you could stop those meanies.” Careful not to smoosh him, I took it to the next room where we had a special table set up for special things.  This was a special thing so it really belonged there, I decided.  

After a long time I came downstairs.  Now I was super hungry.  Opening the fridge I found a nice shiny red  apple. Going into the living room I grabbed my backpack.  It was dirty, and streaked with mud.  My eyes filled with tears when I took out my homework and it had a big shoe print on it. I didn’t cry though.  Instead I started figuring out my math problems.

It took a long time to do the homework, but I got it done.  Mommy got home while I was working on it.  She fixed dinner.  It was meatloaf.  Yucky, but I ate anyway because I was so hungry.  I told mommy about the mean girls, and she said she would call the school.  I didn’t want her to because the girls would just be meaner if I told. She said it was important.  I sighed and asked to be excused.

Going to bed I thought about my statue monster and smiled. Then I fell asleep.

The next day Jessica and Breanna were waiting for me.  The two girls looked the same, tall, skinny and with blonde hair.  I was short, with black hair. I ducked down and tried to get around them.  It didn’t work.  They each grabbed one of my arms.  “Time for a bath.” Breanna giggled.  I struggled as much as I could when I saw them dragging me towards a mud puddle. “Ready, Emily?” I didn’t know which of them said it, being too scared to pay attention. Then there was a crash, and the girls turned their heads and screamed.  They then dropped me with a thud.  I turned and there he was, my monster.  He was big now, and walking quickly towards us.  The other kids ran in every direction, screaming and yelling.  Breanna and Jessica tried to run too, but the monster caught them by the backs of their shirts.  He picked them up high in the air, and they screamed.  I looked around for teachers but they were not here.  That was weird but I didn’t mind.  It too much fun listening to the girls screaming.

“You will never pick on Emily again or I will come back, and it won’t be nice for you.”  His voice was very growly and sounded scary.  I just had a smile on my face.  He then took the girls and tossed them 3 feet through the air into the mud puddle they were gonna drag me into. He then walked off.  The two girls were terrified, and I just walked up, smiling.  The two muddy girls just ran away from me.

The next two weeks of school were great.  Every time the girls saw me they would either run away or be very nice. I didn’t get pushed in the hall, picked on with mean jokes or threatened with mud puddles.  I was sure that the girls had learned their lesson, but I was wrong.

On a Monday I got to school to see the blondes standing in front of the gate.  That made me a little nervous but I smiled at them and walked towards them, expecting them to run like normal. Instead Breanna grabbed me and threw me down, and Jessica walked over and sat on me, fist raised to punch me.

“I dunno what trick you used, but I know monsters aren’t real.  I think you need to learn a real lesson for tricking us.” her voice was harsh.  She started to bring her fist down as the screams came.  I was hit, hard, in the eye, and was ready for more when suddenly Jessica lifted off of me.  

I looked up to see my monster holding her by the waist.  He flipped her butt first in the air, and smacked it hard.  The girl screamed in pain but he didn’t stop.  Then he threw her on the ground.  Breanna had tried running while he was busy, but two long steps brought him to her.  She dropped to the ground crying saying she was sorry, but my monster didn’t care.  

It picked her up and just like Jessica he flipped her over, and smacked her bottom.  She screamed.  I bet it hurt more than Jessica, since the other girl was wearing jeans, and she was wearing a thin skirt.

After a time, my monster dropped her, and again he spoke to the crying girls. “I warned you once.” he growled “Next time I will make you disappear and nobody will see you again.”  He walked away from the two crying girls.  I rubbed my hurt eye, sure it was going to be black, but I didn’t care.  It was too funny watching them hold their butts and cry.  This time I bet they really learned their lesson.

The next month was even better than the two weeks before it.  My eye looked bad for a couple of days, and my mom called the school again.  Jessica and Breanna admitted they had done it, and cried about the monster that hurt them.  The principal didn’t believe them of course and they were suspended for two days.  After that the two girls either avoided me or were super nice, sharing their desserts at lunch and offering to do my homework.  I just smiled every time they saw me and enjoyed how scared they looked.

It was Monday again and I was tired.  I went to school, and didn’t see Breanna and Jessica anywhere.  They were usually super nice to me in the morning now, so I felt a little confused.  I went to class and almost fell asleep while my teacher was talking about clouds.  Finally the school lunch bell rang, and I walked downstairs to the cafeteria.

Today was spaghetti day.  That was ok, I liked pizza day better though.  I walked through line and got my food.  I walked out into the cafeteria and Jessica and Breanna were standing there.  They didn’t look like they meant to be nice.

“I bet that monster can’t get us here.  We’re inside and it’s too big to fit through the door.  So I think we can teach you a little lesson.” Breanna reached over and quickly flipped my tray up onto my nice white shirt.  Then Jessica poured a full carton of milk over my head.

My eyes filled with tears and my cheeks burned. I looked at my ruined shirt and decided I hated them.  So much it hurt.  I wanted to see them punished, but as usual they dodged the teachers.  

Suddenly there was a crash, followed by screams.  The whole wall had been smashed and there stood my monster. It walked through the cafeteria kicking over tables, scattering food everywhere.  Jessica and Breanna turned and ran, but they were not fast enough.  He picked them up by the waist and shook them roughly.  

“So you still didn’t listen” he growled  “I hope you said goodbye to your family because now no one will ever see you again.”  He waded through the wrecked cafeteria and left.

I smiled as they disappeared. It was not a happy smile, it was a mean one.  I thought about that day so long ago, when I had made the monster.  After I made it, and put on the special table and stuck a piece of each of their hair in the monster.  I had grabbed the day before when I tried to stop them from shoving me into a trash can.

I stood where mommy had told me to stand and began to chant in latin a spell to create golems.  It took a very long time, and made me real tired and hungry.  It was so worth it though. Mommy even said she was proud of me when I told her. I laughed a mean laugh while teachers came flooding in and herded everyone out of the cafeteria.  No one ever figured out what happened, and no one ever saw Breanna or Jessica again.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

One thought on “Emily’s Monster

  1. This is tough but something like this:

    Tears dripping down my face like rain drops and blurring my eyes as I try to open my door into my house, have me squinting. Sprinting for a quick getaway from the two meanest girls on the planet, Breanna and Jessica has me shaking hard. It’s not helping either that I’m also panting like a dog from running so fast. The piercing words ike darts to my heart are hurtful. How can those two girls think that’s even funny. I don’t like it when they are me cry.


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